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I am Professor in Experimental Physics at the Physics Department of Sapienza Università di Roma. My research concerns the electronic properties of semiconductor materials and nanostructures investigated by optical spectroscopy and transport techniques.

I got my PhD in Physics in 1997. I worked as a Research Assistant at the Nottingham University (UK) from 1997 to 1999. In 2000, I obtained a tenured position at Sapienza Università di Roma. I have been working in several laboratories in Europe. I co-authored more than 230 peer-reviewed papers on the physics of semiconductor materials and nanostructures (4080 citations and h-factor equal to 34). I supervised the thesis of about 40 undergraduate and PhD students.


2000, the prize for the best oral presentation at the LXXXVI national conference of the Italian Physical Society (Condensed Matter Physics section)
2000, “Umberto Maria Grassano Prize” of the Italian Physical Society (for "work based on the use of optical spectroscopy techniques in microstructures and defects..."
2003, “Ugo Campisano Prize” given by the Italian National Institute of Matter Physics to a researcher younger than 40 years
2004, appointment of a two year grant “Young Researcher Project” by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research.
2009, “Tomassoni” prize by “Fondazione Roma -Sapienza”
2015, prize for “Excellence in teaching”by the Faculty of Science
2017, Somiya Award for “Semiconductor Nanowires: Growth, Characterization, Processing and Optoelectronic Devices” issued by International Union of Materials Research Societies
2017, Outstanding Referee by the Insitute of Physics (UK).



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