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Lectures of 'Principles of Physics’ for the Bachelor of Bioinformatics (2021/2022)


Prerequisites: The student is requested to have a good knowledge of numerical structures; inequalities and related calculation rules; elementary algebra, equations and algebraic inequalities of the first and second degree. Elements of Euclidean geometry of the plane and of the space. Elements of analytical geometry of the plane. Elements of trigonometry. Real functions of a real variable; elementary functions: powers, polynomials, roots, exponentials, logarithms; basic trigonometric functions. 


Course structure:

  • ➔  Lectures are given on line at the link Google Meet: yxf-prad-mef
  • ➔  Timetable: Monday 12h-14h; Friday 9h-12h
  • ➔  First Lecture: October 4th 12h
  • ➔  Each lecture comprises theory and exercise 
  • ➔  The lectures are designed to show the principles of physics which govern interesting subjects related to Biology, Medicine and other fields related to Bioinformatics 
  • ➔ Suggested book: Physics by Douglas C. Giancoli, Global Edition
  • ➔  During the lectures, the student will be presented with concepts (theory) and will learn to progressively develop the necessary skills to undertake the exercises with a high degree of autonomy by understanding and solving 


Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare Bacheca
PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS 10596081 2021/2022
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2021/2022
FISICA I 1015377 2020/2021
FISICA I 1015377 2019/2020
FISICA I 1015377 2018/2019
FISICA I 1015377 2017/2018

Mercoledi', 12-13:30


since 10.2018 Directeur de Recherche CNRS
since 01.2018 Associate Professor « chiamata diretta » at Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Roma La Sapienza
2013-2017 Invited Scientist at Earth and Planetary Science Laboratory, EPFL, Suisse
2005-2018 Chargé de Recherche (CR)- CNRS, at IMPMC, UPMC, Paris, France.
2004-2005 Tenure Track at ILL (Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble).
2003 INFM TD c/o ILL.
2002 International Fellowship Della Riccia c/o ILL, Grenoble
2000 INFM Grant Fellowship, Physics Department-LENS, University of Florence.


2015 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches of Physics Department, Université P.&M. Curie (UPMC) Paris, France.
Title: Structure and Dynamics of water and Aqueous solutions.
2002 PhD in Physics Perugia University.
Title: Dynamical properties of liquid metals and correlations with the electron gas. Supervisor: F. Sacchetti.
1998 Laurea in Physics. Perugia University.
Title: Spin density measurements in fcc-methastable Fe-Cu alloys. Supervisor: Prof. F Sacchetti. 110/110 summa cum Laude


Peer reviewed journals publications : 62
Reviews and Book chapters: 3
Patents : 2
Invited Talks at International Conferences : 46
Keynote and Plenary Talks : 7


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10. L. E. Bove, Sacchetti F, Petrillo C et al., Physical Review Letters 85, 5352, (2000).


Member of the CNRS Scientific Council
Member of the European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) board since 2018
Member of the University National Council (CNU)- Condensed Matter Section (28) since 2015
Member of the Scientific Council of ILL since 2016
Chair of Panel 6: Liquids and Amorphous of ILL since 2016
Member of the Scientific Council of UPMC since 2012
Member of the Budget Commission of UPMC since 2012
Member of the Prime Commission of UPMC since 2012
Member of the Physics Faculty Council of UPMC (2010-2017)
Member of the Swiss Neutron Society board (2013-2017)
Member of the American Physical Society since 2014
Coordinator of the Matter under Extreme Conditions Section of Labex Matisse, UPMC since 2014
Coordinator of the GDR (Groupment de Recherche) Hydrates-Molecular Insights since 2017
Member of the H2020 Cost Action Migrate


PI of funded Research Projects (total budget >1.5 M ):
1. PI of International ANR Program (France-Austria Program) Project funding, 2 PhD students and 1 postdoc, Equipment, Consumables, Co-Applicant: Th. Loerting (Innsbruck University); 582 000 ; 2014 - 2018
2. PI of Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) grant project Project funding, 1 PhD student and 1 postdoc, Co-Applicants: P. Gillet (EPFL), R. Gaal (EPFL); 328 000 CHF; 2014-2017
3. PI of the PhD ILL program « Ice clathrates dynamics under extreme conditions - Project funding, 1 PhD student ; Co-Applicants: M. Koza-ILL; 163 000 ; 2014-2018
4. PI of CNRS AAP « Technologies innovantes au bénéfice de l interdisciplinarité » Project Techno INDUCHAUD, Co-Applicants: F. Alabarse and S. Klotz, IMPMC, 80 000  ; 2016-2017
5. PI of a French Patent n° 1358938 for a New toroidal high pressure chamber for QENS studies, Co-Applicants: S. Klotz and J. Philippe, CNRS, France; 2016”
6. PI of the ILL Long Term Project New frontier for QENS for the development of extreme conditions for Quasi Elastic Neutron Scattering ; 2015-2018
7. PI of the Labex-Matisse project salty-ICES - Project funding, 1 PhD student, Environment, Co-Applicants: A.M/ Saitta & M. Salhanne, UPMC, France, 123 000 ; 2013-2016
8. PI of JCJC (Young Researcher) ANR Project HP-QENS for the development of quasi-elastic neutron scattering studies under extreme conditions- Project funding, 280 000 ; 2009-2013

2016 Scientific Excellence Prize CNRS
2015 Neutron Scattering Society Award in high pressure techniques for neutron scattering
2002 Angelo Della Riccia International Fellowship
2000 INFM Young Researcher Fellowship

Supervisor of 3 post-doc, 5 PhD students, 6 Master students


Chair of Liquids and Glasses ILL Panel since 2015; Co-editor of Fronteer in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics, since 2016; Reviewer American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, European Physical Society, since 2007;
Scientific Expert for the French National Research Agency; 2016,2017; for DFG (German Funding Agency) (2016,2017,2018); Associate Professor Selection Panel Roskylde University 2016; Full Professor Selection Panel Roskylde University 2017; Assistant Professor Selection Panel UPMC 2016, 2017;


2018 Organiser International Workshop « WaterX» La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy.
2016 Organiser International Workshop « WaterX» Stat. Phys. 26 Satellite July, Nice France.
2015 Organiser International Workshop « Extreme Conditions Day» Paris, France.
2014 Organiser International Workshop « Water Europe » Saragoza, Spain.
2014 Organiser International Workshop JCM14-CMD « Dynamics in Water and Aqueous Solutions », Paris, France.