Degree Programme

Graduates can operate in analysis and research laboratories of biomedical and biotechnological analyses, especially related to biochemistry, microbiology, virology, pharmacotoxicology, immunology, clinical pathology, haematology, cytology, and histopathology. Graduates can operate with technical and professional independence in direct relationship with the laboratory staff in charge of their various operative responsibilities; inside the laboratory, they are in charge of the right carrying out of the analytical procedures, as well as of their work in relation to their functions in applying the work procedures established by the managers; they verify that the services correspond to the indicators and standards established by the person in charge; they check and verify the right functioning of equipment, and carry out the ordinary maintenance and the possible elimination of little problems; they participate to the work planning and organisation in the structures where they work; they work in public and private laboratories, in accordance to the laws in force, as employees or freelancers.