Our course catalogue for the accademic year 2022/2023 is currently being updated


The student, under the guidance of a teacher, will carry out a 3 credit independent work and related to the mechanical engineering topics covered during the Study Programme.

The final exam may be related to an experience carried out during a traineeship. The preparation of the thesis, in this case, may be carried out in public or private companies, as well as in research centres or university laboratories for a period of time compatible with the number of credits assigned.

Students achieve 3 credits for the final exam. They must give presentation in front of an appointed commission. The topic must regard an activity carried out under the supervision of a professor of the Mechanical Engineering Area Committee or an expert appointed by the Committee. The presentation consists of a written thesis, which must follow the provided guidelines, and an oral discussion before the supervisor.

The final grade is established by the Graduation Committee.

The Committee must calculate the final grade keeping in mind the guidelines approved by the CADIME during the meeting of 11th of  June 2012 and summarized below:


• average grade of the exams passed during the Degree  Programme, taking into account the number of credits, calculated on a maximum grade of 110;

• The average must be increased if during the exams the students have received a special honour (cum laude). More specifically the Committee must add: 0.19 or 0.13 points respectively for the 9 or 6 credits exams. This way each 30 cum laude is considered as a 31.

• Extra points (3-8) for the student’s academic career:

-3, 4 or 5 points for averages below 22/30, between 22/30 and 26/30, or higher than 26/30.

- 3 or 4 points if the Degree is achieved 3 or 4 academic years;

• The final exam may award up to 3 points, which is established the supervisor;

• Final approximation of the grade

• To achieve 110 cum laude, the final grade must be of 113 points and the whole Committee must agree.

The grading methods are published on the Area Committee website: http://corsidilaurea.uniroma1.it/ingegneria-meccanica-sede-di-roma/laure...

The Committee has created a format for the final project that all students must follow , which can be downloaded in the .doc and .tex formats at following website:  http://www.ingmecc.uniroma1.it/users/cdsmecc/joomla2/index.php?option=co...
On the same page students may find the procedures to have the topic of the final exam established, as well as the administrative steps to book the graduation exam.

The academic CALENDAR is published on the Faculty website



Students are expected to deliver a thesis during their final exam of their Bachelor's degree programme for which 3 credits are awarded.

The thesis activities (3 UC) do not last more than 1 month/student.

Students prepare their Degree thesis under the supervision of an Sapienza Aerospace Engineering Academic Council mentor.


The thesis assignment and preparation procedure is as follows:

  • When students have gained at least 140 credits, they decide on the topic of their thesis with their Mentor and, before starting the project, submit the thesis assignment application form to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Secretariat1
  • on completing the thesis, students shall present the final version to their Mentor.
  • before the final exam, the Mentor shall fill out the Assessment form and send it to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Secretariat1.

The Final exam procedure is as follows:

  • students will present their work before the exam panel (or sub-panel)
  • at the end of the presentation, the members of the panel (or sub-panel) will express their opinion on the presentation of the thesis
  • the Panel Chair will then calculate the final mark taking into account the opinion of the degree tutor, the opinion of the panel (or sub-panel) and the average of marks gained for all exams taken during the course.


Degree Thesis Procedure

  • Decide on a topic with the Thesis Mentor
  • Fill out the application form and deliver a copy, signed by the Mentor, to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Secretariat.1 Applications by post are not accepted.
  • Fill in the Degree Application Form online, following the instructions reported  on the "Sapienza" web page. 
  • Prepare the thesis and submit it to the Mentor who will fill out the relative thesis assessment form.


[1] Mrs. Angela Lo Bello, angela.lobello@uniroma1.it