The final exam consists of:
a) a practical test during which the student must demonstrate to have acquired the theoretical-practical and technical-operative knowledge and skills specific to the specific professional profile;
b) preparation of a dissertation and dissertation.

In order to be admitted to the final exam (Degree exam), the student must have regularly attended the integrated integrated courses for the total number of hours, have passed all the required exams, have completed all the internships with a positive evaluation. training provided, through certification.
The practical test proposes to the student care situations both in written, or oral or demonstrative form, aimed at ascertaining the possession of fundamental skills for nursing practice, such as assistance planning skills, decision-making skills and operational technicians. The purpose ofthe thesis is to engage the student in a work of formalization, design and research, which contributes to the completion of his professional and scientific training. The content of the thesis must be inherent to subjects or disciplines closely related to the professional profile. Both phases of the final examination will take place before a Commission appointed by the Rector and composed according to the law, in compliance with the University didactic regulations and the didactic regulations Faculty and Degree Course.