To obtain the degree, the student must pass a final test which consists of:

a) a practical test, in which the student must demonstrate that he has acquired fundamental theoretical and practical skills and abilities specific to the specific professional profile;
b) the preparation of a paper, with the guidance of a lecturer, and its dissertation.

The thesis, concerning topics or disciplines closely related to the professional profile, can have a research profile, of a technical-applicative or compiling type. In order to be admitted to the final exam (Degree exam), the student must have passed all the exams, totaled the number of hours for the frequency of the internships and passed the relative exams. Both phases of the final test will take place before a Commission appointed by the Faculty Dean and composed according to the law, in compliance with the University Academic Regulations and the academic regulations of the Faculty and Degree Course. The degree examination has the value of a state qualifying examination for the profession. At the Sapienza University of Rome, for the final test (pursuant to art. 7 of the Ministerial Decree of 19 February 2009) the student enrolled in the class has the availability of 5 credits aimed at preparing the final exam.