The Thesis Work (18ECTSs) is dedicated to the develop a design proposal in the field of Product or Service Design, carried out individually by each student under the guidance of one or more Supervisors also in collaboration with public and private institutions, companies, research centers at the national and international level. 
The required work is divide in:
- an analytical-critical research;
- a design development;
- a prototype realized in coherence with the typological features of the product/service proposed. 
It is required a high level of originality and a high experimental content. 
The Thesis Work is also a further occasion to verify the acquired skills in order to evaluate the ability to autonomously deepen and develop specific themes within the field of Product and Service Design.

At the end of the first semester of the second year, each student must submit an original Thesis proposal in one of the topics developed during the Design Studios.
The thesis work will be developed during the second semester of the sencond year, together with the "Further Learning" under the supervision of one or more Supervisors.


To attend the Thesis Defense, each student as to book  the thessis session following the instructions given in this link: