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Second year (Year of enrolment 2021/2022)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
GENERAL PHYSICS II 1019332 First semester 9 FIS/01 Italian
SOFTWARE DESIGN 1018706 First semester 9 ING-INF/05 Italian
Signal theory 1041892 First semester 3 Italian
Fundamentals of automatic 10596366 First semester 6 Italian
CIRCUIT THEORY I 1022909 Second semester 6 ING-IND/31 Italian
ELECTRONICS I 1021955 Second semester 9 ING-INF/01 Italian
Signal theory 1041892 Second semester 9 Italian
Fundamentals of automatic 10596366 Second semester 6 Italian
English Advanced AAF1376 Second semester 3 Italian

Mid-term tests procedure


Mid-term tests are carried out through:

- written exams

- oral exams

- lab tests

- theses

Le lezioni del 2° semestre dell'A.A 2021/2022 iniziano lunedì 21 febbraio 2022 e terminano il venerdì 27 maggio 2022.


Gli orari sono disponibili a questo link.



Exams calendar


The calendar of the current academic year foreseen by
the Faculty is attached.


The teaching calendars of the current academic year and
the previous ones can also be consulted



To enroll in individual exams the student can go to:

Study plan drafting procedure


The "training course" presents the list of activities of learning (including exams) that the student has planned.

If an exam is not in your training course, you cannot book for the exam (and therefore you cannot take the exam).

The presentation of the training course usually takes place between 15 December and the end of the following March, via the web application provided by the University.

To facilitate the aforementioned fulfillment, and allow the construction of aware and balanced personal training paths (and in line with the educational objectives of the Degree Course), the Area Council Information Engineering Education prepares an appropriate student support organization; in particular one acts "training courses commission" appointed by the council, which can discuss construction opportunities with students in advance individual study plans and provides appropriate advice. For more information, tips for compiling the training course proposal, and names of the professors of the commission training courses, there are the following web pages:

- For students enrolled before 2020:

<<< DESCRIPTION OF THE LINK: "Notes on the Formative Path - ordinamentii prior to 2020 ">>> <<< LINK: >>>

- For students enrolled from 2020 including: <<< DESCRIPTION OF THE LINK: "Notes on the Training Path - 2020 system" >>> <<< LINK: >>>

Honours programmes


The degree course also includes an Honours programme aimed at giving value to the education/training of meritorious students who are interested in activities of in-depth studies and cultural integration. The honours programme consists of additional learning activities, in addition to the courses students attend. The whole set of these activities does not give way to recognition of credits that can be used to obtain Sapienza University degrees. Students can apply to be admitted to the honours programme at the end of their first year of the degree programme, and they have to hold the minimum specific requisites required for it. A tutor will be assigned to each student. Terms and conditions for admission and honours programme activities are indicated on the degree course web site. Upon graduation, those students who also completed the honours programme will receive a certificate issued by the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics

Terms and conditions for admission to the Honours Programme are defined every year through a call for applications.

All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section