NEWs 2021-2022



New timetable online, check LINK down here for timetable and NEWS:

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Second year (Year of enrolment 2021/2022)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS II 1015376 First semester 9 MAT/05 Italian
General physics II 1022051 First semester 12 FIS/01 Italian
Circuit theory 1021924 First semester 6 ING-IND/31 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE First semester 6 Italian
Electronics I 1041763 Second semester 12 ING-INF/01 Italian
ELECTRIC MEASUREMENTS 1021844 Second semester 6 ING-INF/07 Italian
Signal Theory 1032246 Second semester 12 Italian
NUMERICAL CALCULUS 1021737 Second semester 6 MAT/08 Italian
BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND ORGANIZATION 1021767 Second semester 6 ING-IND/35 Italian

Third year (Year of enrolment 2020/2021)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
Electromagnetic fields 1041758 First semester 12 ING-INF/02 Italian
Electrical Communications I 1021754 First semester 6 ING-INF/03 Italian
Digital electronics 1021780 First semester 6 ING-INF/01 Italian
FUNDAMENTALS OF AUTOMATICS 1015384 First semester 9 ING-INF/04 Italian
Antennas 1041805 Second semester 9 ING-INF/02 Italian
Electronics II 1035361 Second semester 12 ING-INF/01 Italian
DISCRETE MATHEMATICS 10589493 Second semester 6 MAT/03 English
FINAL EXAM AAF1001 Second semester 3 Italian

The intermediate checks are carried out by:

- written exams

- oral exams

- laboratory tests

- development of projects


NEWs 2021-2022



New timetable online, check LINK down here for timetable and NEWS:

The Learnign Path (or Study Plan) can be presented directly by the student through the Infostud platform, under the heading Degree/Bachelor Courses -> Learning Path.


Call for LP will be open on:

- full October

- full March


The LP is presented only once a year, except for emergencies due to:

- teaching overlap;

- serious demonstrable reasons (which can be assessed by the Didactic Committee).


The LP must be completed according to the rules on the Study Manifesto.

All LP are subject to control and verification by the Didactic Committee.


For support for the compilation or more information, please contact the Didactic Secretariat.

The "Path of Excellence" is an integrative path that consists of additional educational activities. All the activities will be developed in the same course where the studet is enrolled.

At the same time as obtaining the qualification, the student who has completed a path of excellence receives a certificate. In addition to the certification, the University grants the student a prize equal to the amount of the fees paid in the last year of the course.

The access requirements and the procedures for carrying out the activities are specified in the announcements of the relative courses of study published each academic year.

All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section