The attendance to the lessons is:
- compulsory for the Design Studios;
- not compulsory for the other courses;
No one courses are preparatory for the others.
The passage from the 1st and 2nd year is automatically.

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The Lessons Schedule is published on the Faculty website every semester at this link:

Other extracurricular activities are planned and communicated to the students directly by the Professors within the specific program of each course.

The didactic calendar is published annually on the Faculty website, reporting the exam sessions. This is the link:


The student must book the exam through Infostud where the specific days for each exam are listed.

The Advanced Course of the Master of Science in Product and Service Design is an integrative course aimed to offer an additional training for a commitment of 100 hours per year.
The  Advanced Course is focused to the enrichment of the student's personal training through the expansion and deepening of scientific skills and knowledge in the context of Advanced Design Research.
The student who has completed the Path of Excellence receives a certificate, issued by the President of the Faculty of Architecture and which is recorded on the student's career. Together with this certification, the University gives the student a prize equal to the amount of the fees paid in the last year of the course.

The Advanced Course is open to students enrolled at the second year.
Students who want to participate have to submit their application according to the call annually published by the Faculty.

All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section