First semester courses of the CdLM Architettura (Restauro) - Architecture (Conservation)



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STUDY PLAN_compilation and modification



As regulated by the Faculty Didactic Calendar, the Study Plan can be presented only one time per Academic Year, during the periods:

  • 1° semester: from 1 September  to 31 December
  • 2° semester: from 1 January to 31 July

Submitting theTraining Path means to choose elective courses and exams.

Not creating and submitting the Training Path, students are allowed to book mandatory exams only; booking elective courses is not allowed.



Login at Infostud, click CORSI DI LAUREA, then click on PERCORSO FORMATIVO.

The online platform can help you to check credits and didactic details. After checking the Study Plan, click on INVIA, then RICHIEDI APPROVAZIONE and then INVIA.

If the procedure has been successfully completed, will appear:

"Il percorso formativo è corretto"; it means that Didactic Office or Programme Coordinator will evaluate to approve the submitted Study Plan or you will be requested to change it.

Exams can be chosen among those listed in Offerta Formativa and, if strongly motivated by your academic path, even among matters not strictly related to the architectonic field of study (Didactic committee will evaluate the chosen exams)


Students are allowed to change a Study plan already approved, during the period: 

  • 1° semester: from 1 September  to 31 December
  • 2° semester: from 1 January to 31 July
All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section