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Corso di Introduzione alle Scienze della Terra inizia il 22 settembre 2021.

Gli orari delle lezioni sono:

Lunedì 14-16 aula 11

Martedì 16-18 aula 11

Mercoledì 16-18 aula 11


Corso di Geologia con elementi di sedimentologia inizia il 30 settembre 2021

Gli orari delle lezioni sono:

Lunedì 16-18 aula 1

Giovedì 13-16 aula 11

Venerdì 11-13 aula 1


Sia per il corso di Introduzione alla Scienze della Terra che per il corso di Geologia con elementi di sedimentologia il link è: 


dopo lezione, tutti i giorni

General information
Born in Gubbio (PG) 22 August 1959, Resident in Rome, Full Professor in Marine Geology at Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, University of Rome "La Sapienza";

Main scientific interests
High-resolution seismic stratigraphy, marine sedimentology and geomorphology, marine geohazard, seafloor mapping, land-to-sea correlation, geological mapping of marine areas.

Project Leader of MaGIC (, 2007-2013, 5.25M , the largest marine geology program in Italy, funded by National Civil Defense Dept, aimed at defining and mapping marine geohazards along the Italian continental margins. The project involved the whole Italian research institutes (7 universities, 3 CNR institutes and OGS) working in marine geology.
Leader of RITMARE-DEEP SEA (2012-2016) subproject, a large coordinate effort of the Italian Scientific community working in Marine Sciences to increase scientific knowledge and application on the deep sea environments. The sub-project has a budget of 15 M and involves some 50 top Italian research groups in oceanography, biology and geology.
co-Leader of two IGCP (International Geoscience Program) Projects #526 (2007-2012) and #464 (2001-2005) dealing with shelf Quaternary evolution and applicative research on continental shelves. They involved more than 200 researchers from more than 30 countries.
PI of the most funded PRIN project in Earth Sciences in 2007 (coastal landslides), of INGV and GNV projects in Volcanology (Etna and Stromboli volcanoes), responsible of tasks or research units in FIRB (impact of climate change on coastal environment).
Responsible of research contract with Civil Protection Dept to study causes and residual hazard of the 2002 landslide-generated tsunami in Stromboli and other emergencies (Stromboli 2007, Cirò Marina 2005, Costa Concordia wreck stability 2012)
Responsible of task or research unit in EU-Funded TRANSFER (2006-9), BEACHMED (2002-4) and BEACMED-e (2005-8) projects, as well as bilateral projects with Spain and Morocco.
Project Manager of geological mapping (1:50.000 CARG project) of marine areas in 4 geological sheets and Scientific Director of 3 more (since 2000)
Project Responsible for search of relict sand on continental shelves to be used for beach nourishment on long-term projects funded by Regione Lazio and Regione Puglia, Regione Toscana and Regione Basilicata.
PI of FAIVI Eurfleet cruise (2012) on board R/V Atalante on Acores Islands.
Participated to more than 40 scientific cruises (half of them as chief scientist or scientific responsible).

Since 2013 member of the COI, Italian Oceanographic Commission.
Since 2010 member of an international commission to assess hazards of submarine and coastal volcanoes of Italy, since 2013 chair of the commission.
2008 to present, Chief of the Marine Geology section of the Italian Geological Society
2008 to present, representative of University La Sapienza of the Steering Council of CoNISMA (Italian National Consortium of Universities for Marine Sciences); 2010 to present also member of the Executive Committee of the same consortium.
2010 to present, National representative in SPLASHCOS (2010-13), a EU COST Action aimed at defining submarine prehistoric archaeology on continental shelves.
2006 to 2009, Member of the SARIMED board of directors (company owing and in charge of the management of the Research Vessel Universitatis).
Since its beginning (2006), responsible of the Master program Laurea Magistrale in Scienze del Mare at University of Rome La Sapienza .
Scientific Referee for: Sedimentology, Marine Geology, Journal of Geophysical Research, EOS, Geological Society of London, Giornale di Geologia, Annali di Geofisica, Geologica Romana.
Member of international evaluation committee Aeres for CEFREM in 2010 (Univ. Perpignan-CVNRS, France) and of Spanish research contracts Ramon y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva in 2004 and 2005. Of national research projects CoFin, PRIN and CIVR in various yeras.

Teaching and University responsibilities
- Teach courses in Marine Geology, Marine Geophysics, General Geology, Marie Resources Management, Littoral Dynamics.
- As Tutor he supervised 10 PhD and 56 Degree Thesis (Tesi di Laurea) in Geology, Natural Sciences, Environmental Science, Biology, Environmental and Geothecnical Engineering. At present supervises, 2 in Natural Sciences and 2 PhDs.
- Member of Earth Science Department executive commission and of Faculty of Science executive commission.
- Participated to PhD committee at University of Trieste, Bologna, Barcelona, Vigo (Spain) and Ghent (Belgium).

Organized several national and international conferences or workshop. The recent most ones were in Ischia 2009 (Seafloor Mapping for Geohazard assessment, 60 participants) and in Rome 2012 (Sea Level Changes and prehistoric archaeology on continental shelves, 100 participants)
Published some 80 articles in peer reviewed journals and international books. Scopus H-index 12, 437 citations, Google Scholar H-index 18, 950 citations.

Course Code Year Course - Attendance
FIELD INTENSHIP FIRST YEAR AAF2175 2021/2022 Natural Sciences
MARINE GEOLOGY 1047809 2021/2022 Exploration Geology
GEOLOGY WITH SEDIMENTOLOGY ELEMENTS 1016315 2021/2022 Natural Sciences
Geography, cartography Introduction of Earth Sciences 10600193 2021/2022 Natural Sciences
MARINE GEOLOGY 1047809 2021/2022 Natural Sciences
GEOLOGY WITH SEDIMENTOLOGY ELEMENTS 1016315 2020/2021 Natural Sciences
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2020/2021 Exploration Geology
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2020/2021 Natural Sciences
GENERAL ZOOLOGY 1041721 2019/2020 Natural Sciences
MARINE GEOLOGY 1047809 2019/2020 Exploration Geology
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2019/2020 Exploration Geology
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2019/2020 Natural Sciences
MARINE GEOLOGY 1047809 2019/2020 Natural Sciences
dinamics littorals 1052160 2018/2019 Natural Sciences
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2018/2019 Exploration Geology
GEOLOGY WITH SEDIMENTOLOGY ELEMENTS 1016315 2018/2019 Natural Sciences
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2018/2019 Natural Sciences
GEOLOGY WITH SEDIMENTOLOGY ELEMENTS 1016315 2017/2018 Natural Sciences
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2017/2018 Exploration Geology
METHODS FOR MARINE EXPLORATION 1022174 2017/2018 Natural Sciences
GEOLOGY WITH SEDIMENTOLOGY ELEMENTS 1016315 2016/2017 Natural Sciences
MARINE GEOLOGY 1047809 2016/2017 Natural Sciences
Title Journal Year
Mid-to-late Holocene upper slope contourite deposits off Capo Vaticano (Mediterranean Sea): High-resolution record of contourite cyclicity, bottom current variability and sandy facies MARINE GEOLOGY 2021
Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages and Rhodolith Facies Evolution in Post-LGM Sediments from the Pontine Archipelago Shelf (Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) GEOSCIENCES 2021
Submarine and subaerial morphological changes associated with the 2014 eruption at Stromboli island REMOTE SENSING 2021
A multidisciplinary approach to the study of insular environments: the 1st Summer School on Geomorphology, Ecology, and Marine Biology in the Tremiti Islands (Southern Adriatic Sea, Puglia, Italy) JOURNAL OF MAPS 2020
Morpho-acoustic characterization of a shallow-water mud volcano offshore Scoglio d'Affrica (Northern Tyrrhenian Sea) responsible for a violent gas outburst in 2017 MARINE GEOLOGY 2020
The key role of canyons in funnelling litter to the deep sea. A study of the Gioia Canyon (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) ANTHROPOCENE 2020
Amino acids in surface sediments of the Zannone Island shelf (Western Mediterranean Sea): Possible bioindicators of submarine hydrothermal activity ORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY 2020
Bedforms on the submarine flanks of insular volcanoes: New insights gained from high resolution seafloor surveys SEDIMENTOLOGY 2020
Small-scale slope instability on the submarine flanks of insular volcanoes. The case-study of the Sciara del Fuoco slope (Stromboli) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES 2020
Widespread mass-wasting processes off NE sicily (Italy): Insights from morpho-bathymetric analysis 2020
Celebrating Marie Tharp SCIENCE 2020
Magmatism Along Lateral Slab Edges: Insights From the Diamante-Enotrio-Ovidio Volcanic-Intrusive Complex (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) TECTONICS 2019
Massive benthic litter funnelled to deep sea by flash-flood generated hyperpycnal flows SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Role of upper-flow-regime bedforms emplaced by sediment gravity flows in the evolution of deltas JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2019
Morphological variability of submarine mass movements in the tectonically–Controlled calabro–Tyrrhenian continental margin (Southern Italy) GEOSCIENCES 2019
Multi-stage formation of La Fossa Caldera (Vulcano Island, Italy) from an integrated subaerial and submarine analysis MARINE GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCHES 2019
Coralline algae on hard and soft substrata of a temperate mixed siliciclastic-carbonatic platform. Sensitive assemblages in the Zannone area (western Pontine Archipelago; Tyrrhenian Sea) MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 2019
Megafauna distribution along active submarine canyons of the central Mediterranean. Relationships with environmental variables PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY 2019
Isidella elongata (Cnidaria: Alcyonacea). First report in the Ventotene Basin (Pontine Islands, western Mediterranean Sea) REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE 2019
Spiculosiphon oceana (Foraminifera) a new bio-indicator of acidic environments related to fluid emissions of the Zannone Hydrothermal Field (central Tyrrhenian Sea) MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 2018