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The Course aims to introduce to and stimulate methods of teaching art history in high schools, throught traditional and innovative, online and offline resources. From the virtual classroom to the flipped lesson, from edutainement to the debate, from Clil to Byod, from the Lim to the electronic attendance register - to name just a few - the course also introduce the students to the terms and the daily praxis of the teaching profession, with particular attention to the cross-fertilization, inclusion programs and interdisciplinary planning.





The course presents a selection of best practices in art history high school teaching methods, both traditional and experimental, with a special focus on the resources offered by new technologies and the web. The class includes: 36 hours of lessons in the classroom, with both theoretical and empirical approaches that require students’ participation; 12 hours of workshops to take place in museums, cultural foundations, and exhibition venues. Topics include: hardware and software tools for teaching, gamification as an inclusive learning method, web resources for research in art history, study materials and skills assessment in the digital era.

Adopted texts

Texts for attending and non-attending students:

La storia dell’arte raccontata da Ernst H. Gombrich, Leonardo, 1995 (or other edition)
Guido Benvenuto, Mettere i voti a scuola. Introduzione alla docimologia, Carocci, 2003 (chapters 2,3)
Agata Boetti, Il gioco dell’arte. Con mio padre Alighiero, Electa, 2016

Direct knowledge of the websites www.art-usi.it e www.didatticarte.it




Knowledge of the subject of the teaching in the upper secondary school. Motivation to approach methodologies to be integrated to the traditional and frontal teaching.

Study modes

The course includes 36 classroom hours + 12 workshop hours (the lattest either in and out of the faculty). Classrooms are scheduled on Saturday morning, from 9 to 1 pm, in room 1 of the Art history department. Workshop hours include visits to be communicated by the docent in itinere. First lesson is Saturday, October 6th 2018, last lesson Saturday, January 26th 2019. Possible variations will be communicated by the docent.

Exam modes

To acquire the 6 ECTS, the candidate must present a lesson proposal on a topic of art history chosen by the student in agreement with the teacher. The lesson proposal – to be delivered at least 10 days before the exam - will be the starting point of the oral exam.

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Course sheet
  • Academic year: 2018/2019
  • Curriculum: Curriculum unico
  • Year: First year
  • Semester: First semester
  • SSD: L-ART/04
  • CFU: 6
  • Attività formative affini ed integrative
  • Ambito disciplinare: Attività formative affini o integrative
  • Exercise (Hours): 12
  • Lecture (Hours): 36
  • CFU: 6
  • SSD: L-ART/04