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 lessons will start 28 september 2022 in class 9A


materials will be uploaded in my web page



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International  Marketing Management                      

Monday 8.00-10.00





Launch Meeting - Zoom Alessandra Bucci | Dipartimento di Management (uniroma1.it)




Over 25 years of Marketing and Sales experience acquired in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Unilever), Pharmaceutical (Bristol Myers Squibb), Telco (Telecom) and Rail (Trenitalia) in both B2B and B2C markets.
Change management expertise, focused on target achievement and passionate for teamwork.
Contracted Professor in International Marketing at Rome Universities La Sapienza,
Board Member Unidata ( Fiber to the Home), company listed at AIM stock exchange
Voluntary consulting work for various non-profit organizations (FAI, Amicus, Archè, FIO.PSD) on strategy and marketing plan definition for fundraising optimization.
Fluent in English, basic in Spanish and French.