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Courses "Information Systems" and "Business and Computer Science"

Lessons will be made in presence.

Seminars offered in presence and/or remotely

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Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare Bacheca
INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1047631 2022/2023
Business and Computer Science 10595536 2022/2023
INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1047631 2021/2022
INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1047631 2020/2021
INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1047631 2019/2020
INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1047631 2017/2018

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Prof. Claudio Cilli is a recognized world leading authority in the areas of National Security and Intelligence, company protection, information systems security and compliance, with over 25 years of experience. He currently advises governments and int l companies in the cyber-security and critical infrastructures protection areas.
University professor and researcher. Lesson arguments include: computer science, software compilers, lexical and semantic analyzers, information systems analysis and development. Member of the scientific and advisory boards. Teacher in the post-graduate master s in computer security and IT Governance.
Consultant to the U.S. Government and companies who supply the Department of Defense. Consultant at the United Nations. With many big firms, he is responsible of IS Audit and security projects, which include civil and military sectors, software quality and code security, security of the information systems and installations. Designed and implemented systems based on mainframes and distributed architecture, including Disaster Recovery and both data and physical security, information and site protection.