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           Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Giansanti received: the PHD in Telecommunications and Microelectronics Engineering at Tor Vergata University, 1997 Rome.-The Academic Specialization in Cognitive Psychology and Neural Networks at Sapienza University,Rome,1997.-His Academic Specialization in Medical Physics, at Sapienza University,Rome,2005.

He is conducting various research in the following fields:

1) Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics with the design and construction of wearable and portable devices (3 national patents).

2) Digital helath: technology assessment and integration of new systems in the field of the tele-rehabilitation, domiciliary monitoring, digital pathology, digital radiology.

3) Mhealth: recent interest in the field of the integration of smartphones and tablet technology in health care with particular care to the opportunities and the relevant problems of risks, abuse and regulation.

4) Robots for assistance and rehabilitation.

5) Artificial Intelligence in Digital Radiology and Digital Pathology.

6) Cybersecurity in the health domain.

7) Technologies for frail and disable people.

He is the Professor at Sapienza in Rome in several courses and was tutor of more than 110  thesis.

He is Board Editor in several journals

He has 125 indexed publications on Scopus and almost 280 contributes as monographies, chapters and contributes to congresses.

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