Ritratto di giulio.guarini@uniroma1.it

Lectures timetable: second semester, Wed. and Th. 4-6pm Room 8A.
Lectures will start on Wed. 23rd February 2022.

There will be no lecture on 24 February and 2 March.

Contact the teacher via email for any clarification/meeting.

Giulio Guarini (Roma, 1976) is an Associate Professor of Political Economy at the Tuscia University (Viterbo, Italy). Previously, he was an economist at Italian Agency of Territorial Cohesion and at Italian Ministry of Economic Development. He graduated in Economics at Sapienza University of Rome, where he subsequently earned his PHD in Economics and where he had two Research Fellowships on Sylos Labini s economic thought. He spent periods of study in UK at the University of Oxford and the University of Sussex. Based on the Classical-postKeynesian approach, his main research interests are economic development, environmental sustainability, innovation, ecological macroeconomics, inequalities, human development. He is on the editorial board of Moneta e Credito, on the scientific board of Studium, and on the governing board of Economia Civile and of Centro Studi Europei e Internazionali at Tuscia University. He is member of MinervaLab - Laboratory on Diversity and Gender Inequality at Sapienza University and of Structuralist Development Macroeconomics Research Group at Brasilia University. He has been collaborating for several years as scientific director of research projects with the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA). He has published in several international and national journals https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=DiQrqkcAAAAJ&hl=it.