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Titolo Rivista Anno
Why are gay leaders perceived as ineffective? The role of the type of organization, sexual prejudice and gender stereotypes PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES 2020
Perceived leadership effectiveness among heterosexual and gay men: Do leaders' sexual orientation and gender typicality make a difference? PSICOLOGIA SOCIALE 2020
Introduction to the special issue: Sexual prejudice and stereotyping in modern societies PSICOLOGIA SOCIALE 2020
Verbal, physical, and relational peer victimization: The role of immigrant status and gender PSICOTHEMA 2020
Social exclusion lowers working memory capacity in gay-men but not in heterosexual-men APPLIED COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Transversal polarised discourse about “immigration” through multiple social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube 2020
Interpersonal Forgiveness and Adolescent Depression. The Mediational Role of Self-reassurance and Self-criticism JOURNAL OF CHILD AND FAMILY STUDIES 2020
The bitter taste of revenge: Negative affect, depression and anxiety CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Contact With Gay Men and Lesbian Women Moderates the Negative Relationship Between Religiosity and Endorsement of Same-Sex Unions’ and Families’ Rights SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2020
The mindful way out of materialism: Mindfulness mediates the association between regulatory modes and materialism CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Dispositional mindfulness moderates the association between social value orientation and in-group love and out-group hate CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY 2020
Attitudes and beliefs of italian educators and teachers regarding children raised by same-sex parents SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2019
I embrace my LGB identity: Self-reassurance, social safeness, and the distinctive relevance of authenticity to well-being in italian lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2019
Gender stereotypes and contact with gay men and lesbians: The mediational role of sexism and homonegativity JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY & APPLIED SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2019
The relationships of dispositional mindfulness with sexual prejudice and internalized sexual stigma among heterosexual and gay/bisexual men MINDFULNESS 2019
Am I guilty or not? Deontological guilt, uncertainty, and checking behavior APPLIED COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 2019
Vicarious ostracism: behavioral responses of women observing an ostracized gay man RASSEGNA DI PSICOLOGIA 2019
Support for discriminatory behaviours against immigrants in Italy: perceived threat and positive beliefs mediate the effect of contact with immigrants INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY 2019
Attitude of Italian Gay Men and Italian Lesbian Women Towards Gay and Lesbian Gender-Typed Scenarios SEXUALITY RESEARCH AND SOCIAL POLICY 2018
Coming out to siblings and internalized sexual stigma. The moderating role of gender in a sample of italian participants JOURNAL OF GLBT FAMILY STUDIES 2018
Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
SOCIALIZZAZIONE E CONTESTI EDUCATIVI 1044948 2019/2020 Scienze linguistiche, letterarie e della traduzione