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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze delle Professioni Sanitarie Tecniche Diagnostiche

Insegnamento: Metodologia di Ricerca

Moduli: Patologia Generale e Statistica Sanitaria

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Corso di Laurea in Tecniche di Radiologia Medica, per Immagini e Radioterapia

Insegnamento: Basi Cellulari e Molecolari della Vita

Modulo: Genetica

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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Medicina e chirurgia "A"

Insegnamento: Lingua Inglese V

Lezione ogni Martedì 18:00-19:00 (https://corsidilaurea.uniroma1.it/it/corso/2020/30891/programmazione)



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Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare Bacheca
Research methodology 1035986 2023/2024
Research methodology 1035986 2022/2023
Research methodology 1035986 2021/2022
Research methodology 1035986 2020/2021
ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1026034 2020/2021
English language AAF1102 2019/2020
ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1026034 2019/2020
English language AAF1102 2018/2019
ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1026030 2018/2019

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10/2013 12/2016 PhD in Molecular Medicine with Honours
Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Molecular Medicine, Rome (Italy)
Director of the PhD Program: Professor Isabella Screpanti
PhD Thesis title: "High-throughput mRNA sequencing in Neural cerebellar Stem Cells"

2005 10/06/2013 Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Master of Engineering Communications Degree: 7.12/10 "Very Good"
National Technical University of Athens, Athens (Greece)
Supervising Professor: Konstantina Nikita
Diploma thesis title: "Implementation of neural network with feedback for predicting glucose in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus"

30/06/2005 Unified Lyceum Graduation Degree 18.9/20 "Excellent"
9th Unified Lyceum of Amarousio, Athens (Greece)

2013 2018 Post-doc researcher in Laboratory of Oncogenomics
Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Hereditary and non hereditary diseases
Genetic disorders and cancer predisposition

2017 2020 Post-doc research contracts
15/12/2018-31/03/2020: Post-doc fellowship
Siena (Italy)
Evaluation of microRNAs as biomarkers of response to therapy and tolerability of hypoglycemic drugs in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients

25/09/2017-24/01/2018: Post-doc fellowship
Rome (Italy)
Identification of circulating RNA through next generation sequencing, in detail next generation sequencing data analysis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients before and after treatment

2014 Present International research activities in bioinformatics analyses using omics tools
1) microRNA-seq data analyses, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany
2) Advanced use of R2 molecular platform, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
3) RNA-seq Bioinformatics, Leipzig, Germany
4) miRNA detection, Leipzig, Germany
5) Promoter analysis using Genomatix, Munich, Germany
6) NGS data analysis using Genomatix, Munich, Germany

2016 Present Scientific and technological experience - Participation in Italian and International research groups

Italian: Sapienza University (Dep. of Radiological, Oncological and Pathological Science, Dep. of Drug Chemistry and Technologies , Dep. of Molecular Medicine), Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, University of Siena

International: David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research MIT Cambridge (MA) USA, Heidelberg University Germany, University of Bern Switzerland

Scopus bibliometric indicators
Number of publications in international databases recognized for the national scientific qualification: 26
Total number of citations: 275
Average number of citations per publication: 10.57
Total Impact Factor, relative to the impact factor of 2018: 98.913
Average Impact Factor per publication, relative to the impact factor 2018: 3.804
Total number of publications as first or last author in international journals with impact facto>1: 5
Hirsch index: 11 (Scopus)

2014 Present National training activities in bioinformatics analyses using omics tools
1) "Medical writing" workshop, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
2) "Training Course on Best practices for RNA-Seq data analysis", ELIXIR-IIB Training, University of Salerno, Italy
3) "An introductory course to RNA-seq", MBC, Via Nizza 52, Torino, Italy
4) "High Throughput Sequencing data analysis - HTS BeMM 2015", Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
5) "2nd Bioinformatics introductory Course", Perugia, Italy

2018 Present Teaching appointments
Professor of English in Biotechnology, Biotechnology Degree, Sapienza University of Rome, academic years 2018 present

Professor of English III - Evidence Based Medicine, Medical School, Course D, Sapienza University of Rome, academic year 2018/2019

2017 2019 Participation in financed research projects
5/12/2018-15/10/2019: Post-doc fellowship
Siena (Italy)
Evaluation of microRNAs as biomarkers of response to therapy and tolerability of hypoglycemic drugs in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients

25/09/2017-24/01/2018: Post-doc fellowship
Rome (Italy)
Identification of circulating RNA through next generation sequencing, in detail next generation sequencing data analysis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients before and after treatment

07/11/2019 08/11/2019 Oral presentations in conferences
Montpellier (France)
International LifeTime Conference, Oral presentation
"Experimental disease models, Longitudinal samples and Data Integration"
Genopolys , Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve , 141 Rue de la Cardonille , 34396 Montpellier cedex 5

Honours and awards
2018 2019 Post-doc fellowship research on the evaluation of microRNAs as biomarkers of response to therapy and tolerability of hypoglycemic drugs
2017 2018 Post-doc fellowship awarded for the Fondazione Roma Project Non communicable diseases in the elderly: Circulating microRNAs and long non coding RNA as novel biomarkers of response to therapy in metabolic diseases
2013 - 2016 Three year scholarship for the completion of PhD in Molecular Medicine
1999 - 2005 Excellence Award in all classes of secondary education Gymnasium and Lyceum

2018 Present Referee of International Scientific Journals
BMC Cancer, Cancer Management and Research, OncoTargets and Therapy

2014 Present International memberships
2019 Present
Member of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), Member ID EACR27439

2014 Present
Member of the European SIOP-LGG preclinical working group (preclinical working group on low grade glioma, LGG, of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology, SIOP)


Mother tongue(s) Greek

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English C2 C2 C2 C2 C2
Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge) Certificate Number: 0010594124
Arabic C2 C2 C2 C2 C2
Italian C1 C1 C1 C1 C1
German B2 B2 B2 B2 B2
Zertifikat Deutsch Nr.MB: 37165
French A1 A1 A1 A1 A1
Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Conferences attended
18 September 2017
"Strengthening the Mediterranean partnership in the field of public health", Colorectal Cancer Mediterranean Network, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy
6-9 September 2017
"Bioinformatics and its Applications in Health, Biodiversity and the Environment", Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Heraklion, Greece
19 June 2017
"Role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in cell signaling", Nobel Laureate in Medicine 1998 Prof. Ferid Murad, Rome, Italy
19-20 January 2017
"Opening Symposium for the new Treatment and Research Center
for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology", Heidelberg, Germany
15-16 September 2016
SIOP-LGG preclinical working group, Paris, France
17-18 September 2015
SIOP-LGG preclinical working group, Rome, Italy
7-10 January 2014
"RNA-seq data analysis workshop" (CSC - IT Center for Science LTD, Espoo, Finland)
18-19 November 2013
"5th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Congress and Single Cell Analysis Congress 2013" (ExCel Exhibition Center London, UK)
26-28 April 2013
6th Panhellenic Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students on "Innovation: The response of the new engineer in modern dilemmas" (Convention Center Novotel Athens, Athens, Greece)
12 November 2011
Scientific conference on "Technological Developments in the Treatment of Diabetes" (Private clinic MITERA, Athens, Greece)
21-23 May 2009
9th Panhellenic Conference of Laparoscopic Surgery and International Symposium on "Cooperation in the Evolution of Surgery" (Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, Athens, Greece) - Demonstration of robotic surgical system da vinci

Further education
3 March 2014 - June 2014
Bioinformatic Methods II
Prof. Nicholas James Provart
(Coursera - University of Toronto)

13 January 2014 - 3 March 2014
Bioinformatic Methods I
Prof. Nicholas James Provart
(Coursera - University of Toronto)

4 November 2013 - 14 January 2014
Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 1)
Prof. Phillip E. C. Compeau, Prof. Nikolay Vyahhi, Prof Pavel Pevzner
(Coursera - University of California, San Diego)

22 April 2013 - 1 July 2013
Machine Learning
Prof. Andrew Ng
(Coursera - Stanford University)

19 April 2013 - 14 June 2013
Computational Neuroscience
Prof. Adrienne Fairhall, Prof. Rajesh P. N. Rao
(Coursera - University of Washington)

Research interests
Cancer Genomics
Multilevel analysis of complex physiological and biological processes
Simulation and modelling of complex biological and physiological systems
Health Telematics Applications
Medical applications and Security of electromagnetic waves
Computer systems support of clinical decision making
Neural Networks
Analysis of image and video
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networks
Human Computer Interaction
Mobile Telecommunications System
Neuroinformatics - Computational Neuroscience
Network communications systems and protocols
Network Security
Signal Processing

Research projects
2014 - High-throughput sequencing : RNA-seq, miRNA-seq data analysis
2013 - "Implementation of neural network with feedback for predicting glucose in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus"
2010 - "Analysis of gray-scale medical images"
2009 - "Delirium in I.C.U patients and the mental status changes in patients hospitalized in I.C.U"

Researcher identifiers
ORCID: 0000-0003-0317-9854
ResearcherID: A-3898-2015
Scopus Author ID: 56595254100
Google Scholar: Besharat ZM

Scientific production
Publications: 32
H-index: 14 (Scopus), 15 (Google Scholar)
Book chapters: 1


Bimonte VM, Besharat ZM, Antonioni A, Cella V, Lenzi A, Ferretti E, Migliaccio S. The endocrine disruptor cadmium: a new player in the pathophysiology of metabolic diseases. Journal of endocrinological investigation. 2021 Jan 26:1-5. doi: 10.1007/s40618-021-01502-x.

Carta R, Del Baldo G, Miele E, Po A, Besharat ZM, Nazio F, Colafati GS, Piccirilli E, Agolini E, Rinelli M, Lodi M, Cacchione A, Carai A, Boccuto L, Ferretti E, Locatelli F, Mastronuzzi A. Cancer predisposition syndromes and medulloblastoma in the molecular era. Frontiers in Oncology. 2020;10:2314. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2020.566822.

Chiacchiarini M, Trocchianesi S, Besharat ZM, Po A, Ferretti E. Role of tissue and circulating microRNA and DNA as biomarkers in medullary thyroid cancer. Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2020 Oct 20:107708. doi: 10.1016/j.pharmthera.2020.107708.

Miele E, Po A, Mastronuzzi A, Carai A, Besharat ZM, Pediconi N, Abballe L, Catanzaro G, Sabato C, De Smaele E, Canettieri G, Di Marcotullio L, Vacca A, Mai A, Levrero M, Pfister SM, Kool M, Giangaspero F, Locatelli F, Ferretti E. Downregulation of miR 326 and its host gene arrestin1 induces pro survival activity of E2F1 and promotes medulloblastoma growth. Molecular Oncology. 2020 Sep 13. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.12800.

Po A, Citarella A, Catanzaro G, Besharat ZM, Trocchianesi S, Gianno F, Sabato C, Moretti M, De Smaele E, Vacca A, Fiori ME, Ferretti E. Hedgehog-GLI signalling promotes chemoresistance through the regulation of ABC transporters in colorectal cancer cells. Scientific reports. 2020 Aug 19;10(1):1-4. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-70871-9.

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Chiacchiarini M, Besharat ZM, Carai A, Miele E, Del Baldo G, Mastronuzzi A, Catanzaro G, Ferretti E. Pediatric low-grade gliomas: molecular characterization of patient-derived cellular models. Child's Nervous System. 2020 Mar 11:1-8. doi: 10.1007/s00381-020-04559-w.

Pelullo M., Nardozza F., Zema S., Quaranta R., Nicoletti C., Besharat Z.M., Felli M.P., Cerbelli B., d'Amati G., Palermo R., Capalbo C., Talora C., Di Marcotullio L., Giannini G., Checquolo S., Screpanti I., Bellavia D. Kras/ADAM17-dependent Jag1-ICD reverse signalling sustains colorectal cancer progression and chemoresistance. Cancer research. 2019 Jan 1:canres-0145. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-19-0145.

Zwergel C., Romanelli A., Stazi G., Besharat Z.M., Catanzaro G., Tafani M. and Valente S. and Mai A. 2018. Application of Small Epigenetic Modulators in Pediatric Medulloblastoma. Frontiers in Pediatrics. 6, p.370. doi: 10.3389/fped.2018.00370.

Besharat Z.M., Sabato C., Po A., Gianno F., Abballe L., Napolitano M., Miele E., Giangaspero F., Vacca A., Catanzaro G. and Ferretti E., 2018. Low Expression of miR-466f-3p Sustains Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Sonic Hedgehog Medulloblastoma Stem Cells Through Vegfa-Nrp2 Signaling Pathway. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 9. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2018.01281.

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Ferrandino F., Bernardini G., Tsaouli G., Grazioli P., Campese A.F., Noce C., Ciuffetta A., Vacca A., Besharat Z.M., Bellavia D., Screpanti I., Felli M.P. Intrathymic Notch3 and CXCR4 combinatorial interplay facilitates T-cell leukemia propagation. Oncogene. 2018. doi: 10.1038/s41388-018-0401-2.

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Catanzaro G.*, Besharat Z. M.*, Garg N., Ronci M., Pieroni L., Miele E., Mastronuzzi A., Carai A., Alfano V., Po A., Screpanti I., Locatelli F., Urbani A. & Ferretti E. 2016. Micrornas-Proteomic Networks Characterizing Human Medulloblastoma-Slcs., Stem Cells International, 2016, E2683042. *(co-senior authorsip)

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Book chapters
Gasparri M.L., Besharat Z.M., Besharat R.A., Ruscito I., Nirgianakis K., Farooqi A.A., Papadia A., Ferretti E., Benedetti Panici P., Mueller D.M. Current knowledge of mirnas as biomarkers in breast cancer; in Fayyaz S, Farooqi AA (eds): Recent trends in cancer biology: Spotlight on signaling cascades and micrornas: Cell signaling pathways and micrornas in cancer biology, Springer, 2018. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-71553-7_12.

Posters 61th Annual Meeting of the Italian Cancer Society - SIC, Precision Oncology: from myth to reality ,
6-8 November 2019, Naples, Italy
Hotel Royal Continental
Poster 3: Investigation of circulating microRNAs as novel biomarkers in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Chiacchiarini Martina, Citarella Anna, Gianno Francesca, Besharat Zein Mersini, Catanzaro Giuseppina, Cantara Silvia, Romei Cristina, Barchiesi Vittoria, Verrienti Antonella, Sabato Claudia, Trocchianesi Sofia, Cardinale Sandro, Cerrone Margherita, Ciampi Raffaele, Ramundo Valeria, Durante Cosimo, Pezzullo Luciano, Elisei Rossella, Castagna Maria Grazia, Ferretti Elisabetta

SIPMeT Young Meeting "Pathobiology: From Molecular Disease to Clinical Application ,
13-14 September 2019, Florence, Italy
Plesso didattico Morgagni - Università degli Studi di Firenze
Poster 105: Evaluation of Circulating microRNAs in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Citarella Anna, Francesca Gianno, Chiacchiarini Martina, Besharat Zein Mersini, Catanzaro Giuseppina, Cantara Silvia, Romei Cristina, Barchiesi Vittoria, Verrienti Antonella, Sabato Claudia, Sponziello Maria Luisa, Abballe Luana, Trocchianesi Sofia, Cardinale Sandro, Cerrone Margherita, Ciampi Raffaele, Ramundo Valeria, Durante Cosimo, Pezzullo Luciano, Castagna Maria Grazia, Elisei Rossella, Po Agnese, Ferretti Elisabetta

EACR-ESMO Joint Conference on Liquid Biopsies
15-17 May 2019, Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy
Poster 18: "MicroRNAs profiles in liquid biopsies from patients with Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma"
Zein Mersini Besharat, Giuseppina Catanzaro, Martina Chiacchiarini, Silvia Cantara, Cristina Romei, Vittoria Barchiesi, Antonella Verrienti, Claudia Sabato, Maria Luisa Sponziello, Anna Citarella, Luana Abballe, Sofia Trocchianesi, Sandro Cardinale, Margherita Cerrone, Raffaele Ciampi, Valeria Ramundo, Agnese Po, Sebastiano Filetti, Francesco Dotta, Cosimo Durante, Luciano Pezzullo, Maria Grazia Castagna, Rossella Elisei, Elisabetta Ferretti

34th SIPMeT National Congress, 4th Joint Meeting of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Second Joint Meeting in collaboration with ASIP-AMP-UEMS-WASPALM
23-25 October 2018, Centro Congressi Hotel Baia Verde, Catania, Italy
Poster P053: microRNA networks involved in neural stem cells maintenance
Besharat Zein Mersini, Abballe Luana, Moretti Marta, Vacca Alessandra, De Smaele Enrico, Po Agnese, Maroder Marella, Ferretti Elisabetta

17th International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, ISPNO
12-15 June 2016, Liverpool, UK, Poster LG-38: " MicroRNA Profiling Of Pediatric Low-Grade Gliomas (pLGGs)"
Giuseppina Catanzaro, Zein Mersini Besharat, Angela Mastronuzzi, Andrea Carai, Evelina Miele, Agnese Po, Vincenzo Alfano, Marianna Silvano, Manila Antonelli, Felice Giangaspero, Franco Locatelli, Elisabetta Ferretti.

17th International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, ISPNO
12-15 June 2016, Liverpool, UK, Poster MB-34: "Circulating MicroRNAs In Group 4 Medulloblastoma Patients"
Evelina Miele, Vincenzo Alfano, Zein Mersini Besharat, Giuseppina Catanzaro, Angela Mastronuzzi, Andrea Carai, Agnese Po, Antonella Cacchione, Luana Abballe, Felice Giangaspero, Franco Locatelli, Elisabetta Ferretti.

American Association for Cancer Research. "AACR 2016: Abstracts 1-2696."
16-20 April 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Poster: "Circulating microRNA signature in group 4 medulloblastoma patients."
Evelina Miele, Vincenzo Alfano, Zein Mersini Besharat, Giuseppina Catanzaro, Angela Mastronuzzi, Andrea Carai, Agnese Po, Luana Abballe, Antonella Cacchione, Franco Locatelli, Elisabetta Ferretti.

American Association for Cancer Research. "AACR 2016: Abstracts 1-2696."
16-20 April 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Poster: "
"Non-canonical Hedgehog/Gli1 signaling drives lung adenocarcinoma stem cells survival and its targeting inhibits CSC-derived tumors.",
Agnese Po, Marianna Silvano, Evelina Miele, Adriana Eramo, Matilde Todaro, Carlo Capalbo, Valentina Salvati, Giovanni Sette, Danilo Cucchi, Zein M. Besharat, Gianluca Canettieri, Lucia Di Marcotullio, Isabella Screpanti, Giorgio Stassi, Ruggero De Maria, Ann Zeuner, Enrico De Smaele, Elisabetta Ferretti

"Anticancer Drug Action and Drug Resistance: from Cancer Biology to the Clinic", 20-23 June 2015, Firenze, Poster presentation: "Proteomic analysis of human sonic hedgehog(SHH) Medulloblastoma stem-like cells",
Z.M. Besharat, G. Catanzaro, M. Ronci, V. Alfano, L. Abballe, L. Pieroni, I. Screpanti, A. Urbani and E. Ferretti.

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