Degree Programme

Graduates of the Bachelors Degree Programme in Nursing are, according to the legislative decrees of 30/12/1992, N. 502 and 10/08/2000, N. 251, health professionals who perform activities aimed at the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and protection of individual and collective health. Graduates of the Degree Programme perform the functions identified by their specific professional profile and ethical code. They use planning methodologies in order to achieve nursing care objectives in patients of all ages.

The Degree Programme includes 180 credits divided over 3 years. Professional skills are taught through theoretical and practical training so as to guarantee the full mastery of necessary nursing skills and their usability in health care and social health settings. Particular importance is given to the professional licensing portion of the professional training, which covers laboratory training activities (3 credits) and the clinical internship (60 credits), completed under the supervision and guidance of specially appointed professional tutors.