Degree Programme

The Bachelor in Computer Science is designed to train professionals who can successfully face the challenges posed by the growing needs of the information society. Graduates in Computer Science will have a solid basic cultural background, which will allow them to keep up with the advancement of technologies, and a solid technical background, which will allow them a rapid professional integration in the field of information and communication technologies.

In addition, they will be able to access post-graduate levels of study in the field of information technology.

The fundamental cultural education will allow graduates in Computer Science to have:

- familiarity with the scientific method of research;

- ability to understand and use supporting mathematical tools;

- methodological knowledge and basic skills in a wide range of fields of information and communication sciences and technologies;

- familiarity with at least one European Union language.

To this end, the first two years of the course are the same for all students and provide basic courses that are considered essential to the cultural, methodological and technical training of the graduate. In the third year, in addition to completing this training, students can choose courses that will characterize their profile in a more prominent way methodological or applicative sense, following the proposed alternatives of completion.

The training is concluded with an internship to be carried out or externally at companies in the field (typically following activities of analysis, design and software development), or internally by deepening advanced issues.

The Degree Programme admits only a programmed number of students and offers several Erasmus agreements, thus allowing for training experience abroad. The Degree Programme is in possession of the “Bollino GRIN 2015”, awarded by the community of Italian university Professors in the INF/01 field, which certifies the quality of computer training at university level. Later suspended.