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2nd Year Timetable



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First year (Year of enrolment 2019/2020)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
English Language I-M 1047472 First semester 12 L-LIN/12 English
Critical methodologies 10593004 First semester 6 L-LIN/10 English
English Literature I-M 1047500 First semester 6 L-LIN/10 English
Anglo-American Literature I-M 1047508 First semester 6 L-LIN/11 English
English Language III - Translation M 1047476 First semester 6 L-LIN/12 English
Second Language Acquisition 10589240 First semester 6 L-LIN/12 Italian
Italian and English Renaissance culture 10589716 First semester 6 L-FIL-LET/10 Italian
Moral Theories I A 1056298 First semester 6 M-FIL/03 English
Philosophy and theory of languages 1054964 First semester 6 M-FIL/05 English
LINGUISTICS 1054762 Second semester 6 L-LIN/01 English
Cross Atlantic: 20th-century English and American Literature B 1047575 Second semester 6 English
History of the English language 1051450 Second semester 6 L-LIN/12 Italian
New world cultures 1054969 Second semester 6 L-LIN/10 English
Russian studies 1055000 Second semester 6 L-LIN/21 English
German literature and critical thought 1054966 Second semester 6 L-LIN/13 English
Anglo-American Literature III-M 1047488 Second semester 6 L-LIN/11 English
Digital humanities 1054764 Second semester 6 INF/01 English
CREATIVE DESIGN THINKING 1049279 Second semester 6 M-FIL/04 English
Psychology and Fashion 1049604 Second semester 6 English
SYMBOLOGY IN THE HISTORY OF CLOTHING 1049612 Second semester 6 M-STO/06 English

Second year (Year of enrolment 2018/2019)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
English Language 2 1048128 First semester 12 L-LIN/12 English
English Literature II-M 10589714 First semester 12 L-LIN/10 English
American Literature II-M 10589755 First semester 12 L-LIN/11 English
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE Second semester 12 Italian
Other training activities AAF1809 Second semester 6 English
Final dissertation AAF1811 Second semester 24 English

Pubblicato il bando (pdf) relativo alle modalità di ammissione al percorso d’eccellenza per il corso di laurea magistrale in English and Anglo-American Studies.

All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section