Our course catalogue for the accademic year 2022/2023 is currently being updated

Computer Science


Degree Programme

  • Programme Code: 29932
  • Test Code: 29932
  • Faculty: Ingegneria dell'informazione, informatica e statistica
  • Department: INFORMATICA
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Degree Code: LM-18
  • Degree: Masters
  • Admission Procedure: Requirements and personal knowledge assessment
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Study plan

The “Manifesto” study plan: fundamental, core and elective exams, credits and course language
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How, where, when. Deadlines and procedures to enrol in the programme


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Syllabus and study material, lesson and exam schedules
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Quality Assurance (AQ)

Organization and responsibility of the AQ for the Course
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Lessons start II semester: from February 21

Class attendance is strongly recommended. It is not mandatory.

The teaching calendar, to see class and exam periods: https://web.uniroma1.it/i3s/en/node/9152

For individual notices check the page / bulletin board of the teacher in the 'offerta formativa' notice board




Contacts, services, facilities

Student offices and services. Libraries, labs and the other study and leisure facilities.
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Organization, contacts and regulations

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Learning Outcomes

Programme description, required and expected knowledge, competences and skills
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Professional Opportunities

Professional Scenarios, degree career opportunities
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The Erasmus Programme and all opportunities for study and traineeship abroad
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Graduation session calendar and procedures to apply for graduation
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