The final exam consists of submitting and discussing a written thesis, which can be in English, offering the results of a research focusing on an applied, experimental or research topic.
Students prepare their thesis with the support of a supervisor (he/she can be a member of the academic staff teaching in the Masters Degree or other Italian degree programmes or Italian or foreign research institute) and they normally do so in their second year by dedicating approximately 50% of their total study time.

1. You can find everything in one link

2. In this Thesis Timetable are indicated the requests, registrations and activities to be done step by step during the Internship, necessary in order to graduate.

It is divided into four sections, depending on when each activity is to be carried out.

For example, the area -15 explains what to do within 15 days before the day of dissertation.

3. Graduation Application Procedure and reminder for the graduating students

4. For any questions about Internships, please write to the Educational Affairs Office: