To be admitted to take the final  Degree Exam, students must have followed all the courses and passed the relative exams.

The Degree exam focuses on the discussion of an original  dissertation compiled by the student under the guidance of a supervisor and where foreseen also a co-supervisor. Students will discuss their dissertation in front of a Commission nominated in compliance with the Academic Regulations of the University and the Didactic Regulations of the Faculty and the Masters Degree Course.

The Commissions for the Degree exams can award a maximum of 110 points. The pass mark for the degree exam is set at 66/110. Should candidates obtain the highest marks,  the commissions can unanimously award praise (lode). The degree exams are public.

The Degree exam focuses on the discussion of an original dissertation compiled by the student under the guidance of a supervisor and where foreseen also a co-supervisor.

To be admitted to take the final Degree Exam, students must:

1. have followed all the Courses and have passed the relative exams.

2. have obtained a total of 360 ECTS credits divided into the 6 years of the course.

3. have consigned:

a. to the Student Administration Secretarial Office an application to the Rector and the documents required by the University, within the dates set by the Administrative Office;

b. to the personnel in the Presidency of the Faculty:

1. a declaration regarding the successful consignment of the dissertation and of the degree exam application to the Administrative Secretarial Office;

2. an INFOSTUD print out of the exams taken together with their relative mark;

3. Certification regarding involvment in International Exchange programmes indicating the duration;

4. Certificate/ Progress Tests (only if the result was higher than the average of the Faculty for the reference year).

The Degree exam generally takes place in the following periods:



Third session (WINTER): JANUARY

An additional session may be scheduled in the month of MARCH (in these cases, students must pay the first installment of university fees as foreseen by the Manifesto of Studies).

To determine the final degree mark, expressed in one hundred and tenths, the following parameters are taken into consideration:

a) the unweighted average of the marks obtained in the curricular exams, expressed as one hundred and tenths;

b) the points awarded by the Degree Commission during the discussion of the dissertation, which can total a maximum of 7 points:

1. Type of research (experimental study; presentation of case studies, case reports, compilation studies): maximum score 4 points; the experimental nature of the degree dissertation, which will be judged by the commission, must be original and/or innovative, as well as respecting a scientific methodology that must lead to conclusions based on original scientifically valid evidence . (Meta-analytic reviews, and retrospective analyzes of the case studies of pluricentric studies and large databases can also be considered to be "experimental");

2. Quality of the presentation: maximum score 1 point;

3. Mastery of the argument: maximum score 1 point;

4. Ability in the discussion: maximum score 1 point.

c) the points awarded for the time taken to complete the course (respecting the times foreseen for the course/exceeding the time limit foreseen): maximum score 3 points;

d) the points awarded for the number of “praises” obtained in the exams (at least 3/6 praises): maximum score 2 points;

e) points awarded for participation in international exchange programmes (number of months: 3/6): maximum score 2 points;

Summary table of the parameters taken into consideration for the evaluation of the study path in order to establish the final degree mark:
Students within  the times foreseen for the course (within the legal duration of the course) I session 3 POINTS within the summer session (JUNE / JULY / SEPTEMBER)

Second session 2 POINTS within the autumn session (OCTOBER / NOVEMBER)

Third session 1 POINT within the winter session (JANUARY)

Number of “praises” obtained in the exams * ≥6 2 POINTS

≥3 1 POINT

Number of months for involvement in international exchange programs recognized by the Faculties 6 2 POINTS


* The result obtained in the Progress Test, if above the average of the Faculty, is considered equivalent to a “praise” obtained in the evaluation of a profit exam.

The overall vote, determined by totaling the scores foreseen by items "a - e" is rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

The honors can be attributed to the degree mark, with the unanimous opinion of the Commission, to the candidates who obtain a final score ≥ 113.

The use of any technical means such as slides, transparencies, presentations in PPT etc. (no more than 10 screens) should be considered as an aid to the candidate to ensure a better understanding of their presentation, and therefore should contain little or no discourse , but rather only graphs-figures-tables, etc.