Honors Programme of the Masters Degree

Faculty of Economics

Academic Year 2018-2019

Call for application to the Honors Programme of the

Masters Degree in Management delle Imprese


The Honors programme is a specific path established in order to give added value to students enrolled in the Management delle Imprese Masters Degree, on the basis of their merits and interest in pursuing further knowledge of subjects included in the Study programme.

Students admitted will take part in seminars, workshops and conferences as well as research projects in order to deepen their knowledge and skills in their field of study.

For Academic Year 2018/2019, there are 5 open positions in the Honors Programme.

Students enrolled for the first time in the first year of Management delle Imprese (all curricula) in Academic Year 2017/2018, can take part in the Honors Programme, provided that, within 31 October 2018, they have acquired all CFU/ECTS of their first year of the Masters Degree, with an average weighted mark of 27/30 (twenty-seven out of thirty).

To apply, students must fill in Annex A (attached to the official Call for Applications, in Italian) and send it together with the list of completed exams (available on Infostud), to the President of the Management delle Imprese Study programme, at the address: manimp.lm77@uniroma1.it.

The deadline for applications is 11 January 2019.

For further information please refer to Professor Donatella Strangio (donatella.strangio@uniroma1.it) or to Dr. Luana Gallotta (luana.gallotta@uniroma1.it).