The final exam is the natural completion of the knowledge acquired throughout the course of studies and will be assisted by a Tutor chosen from the teachers of the Cds, and by a possible Assistant Tutor and Co-tutor (external). To the final test are attributes 10 CFU; this formative activity is thought as strongly 'connected with the  atelier of final synthesis (Curricula to Choice), of the 3rd year, or with the examinations to choice and with the other formative activities. The final test will be discussed by the candidate in the specific sessions provided by the academic year calendar, presenting an original and individual work of design. The final Design type exam consists of: - preferably in the deepening of the work carried out within the final Synthesis Laboratory. - or in the original elaboration of an artifact, whether material or immaterial. The thesis course will then be structured as a workshop to be held according to a specific annual theme, proposed by one or more teachers of the Cdl and to be in continuity with the "furhter learning for enetring the labour market.   The discussion of the final Project test consists of: 1. in the public presentation of the final work, lasting a maximum of 10 minutes to be carried out through a presentation with slide, video or other communication tool considered more appropriate; 2. in the elaboration of a model (physical or virtual) of the artifact realized; 3. in the preparation of a paper portfolio (A4 vertical on format available on the finger of the Cds), that collects the main project carried out in the triennium; 4. in the drafting of a book (A4 vertical on format available on the finger of the Cds), which fully explain and illustrate the final project.

The calendar of graduation sessions can be found on the Faculty Calendario didattico (see the Faculty of Architecture website).

The main application deadlines are listed on the Calendario didattico(see the Faculty of Architecture website).