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Terminology, concentrations and distribution of elements: in the lithosphere, in soils, the ocean and freshwater.
Supergene environments, processes, and products: solution, hydrolysis, ion exchange and oxidation; factors affecting geochemical mobility of elements in the environment (ionic potential, Ph, eh, colloidal processes); Ion exchange by the clay minerals (adsorption/desorption); organic substance.
The atmosphere: composition, thermal inversion, ozonosphere, harmful effects of the abundance of the ozone layer. Air, carbon dioxide and the carbon cycle. Acidic: impact on the environment, atmospheric pollutants.
Water cycle: seawater and rainwater chemical composition.
Balance redox reaction in aqueous solution; saturation index.
Isotope geochemistry applied to the Hydrogeology.
Outlines of hydrogeochemistry. General concepts of isotope geochemistry. The line of the rainfalls dD- d18O).
Modelling of the isotopic geochemistry of rainfalls for hydrogeological purposes;
Identification of the circuits of the waters by some isotopic data.
Analytical methods
Ionic chromatography for the determination of the ionic composition of the water samples.
Collection of representative solid rocks: number of samples related to the extension of the outcrops and in relations to their granulometry and of their real homogeneity. A sampling of soils. A sampling of waters. Specificity and objectives of the sampling. Kinds of samples and containers of the samples concerning the environmental conditions and for avoiding the contamination of the collected samples.
Representation of the analytical results: rock, soils, and water samples.

Adopted texts

BROWNLOW A.H. (1986) - Geochemistry. Ed. Prentice. DEGANELLO S., LONGINELLI A. (1999) - Introduzione alla Geochimica. Ed. UTET. FERRARA, Appunti del docente.


Knowledge of Chemistry and Mineralogy. Basic geological information about the earth geological composition.

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