The final exam will consist of a discussion in front of a committee of professors of a written essay on a legal subject. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to use the basic theoretical and methodological instruments acquired during the course of study.


This discussion may be the result of both the development in critical terms of a consolidated topic, or of a applicable work of the techniques acquired. For this moment of verification, it is expected the use of advanced tools for communication of the results.
Drafting and discussion of a written dissertation, elaborated in an original way under the guidance of a mentor.

Graduation sessions

Graduation sessions December 2018:

  • sitting of 11.12.2018, h. 10.00
  • sitting of 11.12.2018, h. 15.00
  • sitting of 12.12.2018, h. 10.00
  • sitting of 12.12.2018, h. 15.00
  • sitting of 13.12.2018, h. 15.00
  • sitting of 14.12.2018, h. 10.00
  • sitting of 14.12.2018, h. 15.00