Degree Programme

The Bachelor Degree programme in Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence aims at providing learners with specific skills in artificial intelligence and the most important areas of applied computing. Graduates in Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence will have a solid foundational background as well as technical training. This combination of perspectives will allow them to keep up with the most recent advancements of information and communication technology and provide a basis for a rapid career in the field. In addition, they will be able to access post-graduate programmes in the area of information technology. The detailed exposure to the fields of applied computer science and artificial intelligence will equip the graduates with: familiarity with the scientific method of investigation; the ability to understand and make proper use of mathematical tools; methodological knowledge and basic skills in a wide range of fields of science, information and communication technologies, including the most modern artificial intelligence techniques; knowledge of the subject directly in English, so as to be ready to enter the international academic and industry contexts. To this end, the first two years of the programme, designed the same for all students, cover topics that are deemed as indispensable for the cultural and technical training of the graduate, such as mathematics, physics and statistics, computer science and artificial intelligence. During the third year, in addition to completing this training, the student will be able to choose courses that will characterise her profile in the most relevant areas of applied computer science. Furthermore, she will integrate her education path with subjects in economics or law. The programme completes with an apprenticeship, to be carried out either within companies in the IT sector (typically on topics such as software design and development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, systems and networks) or at the university, investigating advanced research issues in applied computer science and artificial intelligence within the academic environment.